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My name is Erik Rosenstein. I will be your guide and instructor throughout your journey!  I started diving around 1992 during a family vacation to Cancun.   In 1996, while I was attending the University of Tampa, I achieved the rating of PADI Divemaster.  I continued to dive both for fun as well as for scientific research throughout university and graduate school, which allowed me to dive in amazing places such as Florida, Mexico, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand and many other places.

In the early 2000’s I decided to become a certified cave and technical diver in Florida.  I did several hundred cave dives until in 2007, I moved back to Cancun, became a PADI Instructor and re-did my cave training based on the conditions of the caves in the Riviera Maya.  For the next couple of years, when I wasn’t teaching some form of recreational diver course, I was leading cavern dives, leading cave divers on some amazing cave dives, doing fun dives with friends and assisting cave diving instructors to gain more experience.

After a few years in Cancun, I moved to Toronto, ON (Canada) where I was working as environmental consultant, and doing hundreds of technical dives each year.

Moved back to Playa del Carmen in 2011, and in 2014 I became a full cave instructor.  I have since focused on teaching cave diving courses, and expanding my knowledge to be able to teach my students at the highest possible level.




  • 9000+lifetime dives
  • 3,500 cave dives
  • 1,000 decompression dives
  • 3,000 dives in backmount doubles
  • 1,700 dives in sidemount
  • 500 dives with stage bottles


  • TDI instructor #21111
    • Intro to Tech Instructor
    • Technical Sidemount Instructor
    • Advanced Nitrox Instructor
    • Decompression Procedures Instructor
    • Cavern Diver Instructor
    • Intro to Cave Instructor
    • Full Cave Instructor
    • Stage/Multistage Cave Diving Instructor

My Facility in playa del Carmen

I don’t just teach people to dive, I will change your entire outlook on diving through cutting edge technical and cave diving training.

My Facility in Playa del Carmen is very conveniently located. It is an excellent location in which I have a comfortable classroom, access to a training pool specifically built for diver training, equipmental rental and storage and even a restaurant where we can grab a bite to each before or after the training/dives (if time allows).

 Equipment rental, repair, equipment sales, and all the cave and technical diving programs your could think of for your next trip to Playa del Carmen are just some of the things I can offer you that few other instructors can.

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