Guided Cave Diving in the cenotes of the Riviera maya

Guided Cave Diving in the Cenotes


As you are probably well aware of, cave diving can be quite a costly activity. A guide will not act as a babysitter. We will simply handle logistics, emergency equipment (medical O2 tanks, tools for field repairs, etc), arrange for the necessary tanks and ensure that they are properly filled every evening after the day’s dives and the transportation to and from the chosen sites. Trying to fit a minimum of4 sets of twin tanks, dive gear, emergency equipment, etc into a tiny rental car and then driving into rough paths to reach a cenote is not recommended.

Some of the cenotes of the Riviera Maya are very easily accessible and the lines and navigation are pretty much straight forward. However, we often run into divers who chose to not hire a guide, believing that having a look at a map during the hours leading up to the dive is sufficient, and they waste their entire dive scrambling around the cavern zone never finding the primary cave line. Some cenotes are not easily accessible, may not be accessible without a local guide or there may not be any roadside signs marking them.

Every dive we do will be based upon the rules of your current certification (for penetration and gas management) and experience level. Honesty and humility are essential in cave diving. It is very important that you let us know what you are looking at doing so that we can make sure that you have a fantastic time with us. That’s our goal. To make sure that your cave diving vacation to the Riviera Maya is a 100% success filled with amazing dives and full memory cards!


We visit a variety of cenotes from Puerto Aventuras to South of Tulum. Every single one of them has something different and exciting to offer.
Here are a few examples:

-Car Wash: Once upon a time the Tulum taxi drivers used to drive right up to the water’s edge and wash the mud off their cars here. Hence the name Car Wash. It’s true name is Aktun Ha, which means “Water Cave” in Mayan. This cenote has both upstream and downstream lines, but the upstream dives (at least in this writer’s opinion) are far better. One very popular dive is taking the upstream main line and then jumping onto the Room of Tears line.
-Minotauro: Amazing is one way of describing this cave. Upstream you can follow the main line or do the circuit (which takes about 80-90 minutes) to complete. The downstream section is highly restrictive and the use of sidemount configuration is necessary for most passages.
-Dreamgate: This is a highly decorated cave that also offers upstream and downstream sections. It was only explored within the last few years, and doesn’t receive a whole lot of traffic. Partially because it is not very well marked, and it is a very very rough road to get in.

-Eden: Eden has many memorable dives, and it is not uncommon to see a cave class being taught at some point. The River Run and The Chapel Room are amongst the memorable dives here. Halocline is present throughout most of the dives.

– Chikin Ha/Xtabay: Both Chikin Ha and Xtabay have some beautiful formations, fossils and a really well defined halocline. Very nice dives and very beautifully kept surroundings.

The prices below include transportation to and from the cenote departing from our dive center or some location in downtown Playa del Carmen. We cannot pick up at any of the resorts in the Riviera Maya.

Prices also include tanks (air), weights, drinking water and a snack/light lunch.

Equipment rental is not included and the costs vary depending on what you might need.


2 Cave Dives, same cenote

The majority of the cenotes we visit allow us to do 2 or more dives in the same place (could be upstream and downstream).

2 Dives in different cenotes

If you want to do 2 dives in different cenotes/caves,  price will vary depending on the distance between the cenotes.

1 multistage cave dive (up to 2 stages)

If you just want to do 1 long dive with 1-2 stages , then this is the option for you.

Additional Stages

When you want to add more stages…

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