Cavern Diving in the cenotes of the Riviera maya

About Cavern Diving in the Cenotes

Cavern Diving in the Cenotes around Playa del Carmen and Tulum


If you are a certified open water diver or above, with at least 15-20 open water dives, and dives within the past 12 months, you have to join us for a trip to scuba dive in the cenotes of the riviera maya.

Think of visibility that exceeds one hundred feet, with crystal clear, fresh water, rock formations that date back tens of thousands of years, amazing light effects courtesy of the sun piercing the water through the openings in the stone, and you have the recipe for some of the best dives of your life!

There are around 18 sites in the within an hour’s drive from Playa del Carmen where we can conduct our cavern dives. All sites are different from each other, and they each require different levels of technical ability from our guests.

All of our guides are experienced cave divers, all holding at minimum full cave diver certification, and open water instructor ratings, however, the majority of our guides are actually cave diving instructors at some level.

In order to safely conduct the dives, your guide should never take you away from the permanent cavern line, and should never take more than 4 divers at a time. Depending on the cavern, even less might be beneficial/required.

To keep in line with the definition of a cavern dive, the maximum penetration should be of no more than 60 meters/200 feet from open water, with a maximum depth of 20 meters/70 feet, always within what’s known as the ” natural light zone”, always following a continuous guideline from open water, and of course, should be full cave certified and an experienced divemaster or instructor.

For the Ancient Mayans, these sources of fresh water were considered to be sacred. Not only were they they sole source of fresh water for the communities, they were also believed to be the doorway to the Underworld (Xibalba), where the ancient Gods who created the world, and everything in it lived. To appease them, sometimes sacrifices were made in some cenotes (human, animal or material), and very important people were sometimes buried in the cenotes to give them direct passage to the afterlife.

In some cenotes we’ve found remains from humans and animals that date back thousands of years (one dating back 13,000 years), well before the Mayan people started living in what’s now the Yucatan Peninsula.

One thing we must always remember is that no matter what, we are guests in the cenotes, and we must always act according to the rules set by the landowners, and we must respect and protect the caverns we are diving in so that future generations can enjoy these wonders of nature just as we are today.

Please know that some cenote land owners have started to charge for bringing in cameras, and other have forbidden it altogether. Please let us know if you are planning on bringing a camera, so that we can let you know the conditions for camera use in the cenotes we are visiting with you.

The prices below include:

Round trip transportation departing and arriving back to our dive center, entry fees, tanks (air), weights, purified drinking water and a snack/light lunch. Equipment rental is NOT INCLUDED, and has a price of $15/person/day.


Basic Cenotes

Basic Cenotes include places like Chac Mool, Chikin Ha and Tajma Ha.  Places where we can do 2 different cavern dives in a single cenote.

Basic Double Entry Cenote

The basic double entry cenote trip includes 2 dives in different cenotes.  The choices are Eden, Chikin Ha and Tajma Ha. Your choice of any 2.

Cenote Dos Ojos

Cenote Dos Ojos is an extremely popular site for divers and snorkelers. The 2 dives we do here are the “Barbie Line” and “Batcave”.

Special Cenote Combinations (2 divers minimum)

For this trip, we offer you the following combinations:

  • Car Wash + Eden
  • Car Wash + Casa Cenote
  • Car Wash + Tajma Ha

Deep Cenotes (2 divers minimum)

The deep cenote combinations includes 2 dives in different cenotes. The first one being a deep cenote, and the second one a shallower one. The following combinations are available:

  • The Pit and Dos Ojos  Price – $210/person
  • The Pit and Tajma Ha or Car Wash  Price – $245/person
  • Angelita and Car Wash  Price – $215/person
  • Angelita and Tajma Ha Price – $215/person
  • Angelita and Casa Cenote Price – $215/person

Deep Cenote Trip with 3 dives (2 diver minimum)

When you simply can’t have enough, offer you a 3 dive trip with a deep cenote.  The dives included in this offer are The Pit + 2 dives in Dos Ojos.  It’s just absolutely marvelous!

Dreamgate Cenote


When you’ve done pretty much every other cenote, and we are certain that your skill level is apropriate for this cenote, we can discuss it.

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